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Our regularly posted price: $21.95 USD. Limited time offer. Offer valid only for new accounts.

Click here to sign up for a free trial and lock in your discounted price! Pricing Schedule
Number Of Monitors Price Per Device* Discount
Under 20 Monitors $21.95 0%
Over 19 Monitors $17.56 20%
Over 49 Monitors $15.36 30% Summer Madness Savings
Number Of Monitors Price Per Device* Discount
Under 20 Monitors $9.95 0%
Over 19 Monitors $7.96 20%
Over 49 Monitors $6.97 30%
Email Alerts Always Free
Email to SMS Always Free
SMS $0.10c USD per SMS
Pager $0.25c USD per Page
International Pager $1.00 USD per page (calls outside continental US)

Start Monitoring Today! offers volume discounts to clients with a large number of Monitors. Please contact us at if you have any special sales needs or questions. We also offer invoicing, PayPal®, and other forms of alternative payments.

* This price applies to each monitor created for monitoring a unique device/URL. For further information, see pricing policy below.

Each URL/Protocol Server Monitor is billed separately.

How Pricing Works:

Example Invoice
Monitor: Qty: URL / IP Address: Price:
Ping 1 $21.95
HTTPS 1 $21.95
Email 12 Email Alerts Free
Email To Mobile 8 Email to Mobile Phone Free
SMS 10 SMS Alerts $1.00
Monthly Total: $44.90

  • All prices are in US Dollars. Prices and services are subject to change.

  • Accounts are automatically billed at the beginning of each month for services rendered.

  • Non-toll-free numeric pages within the US and Canada will be charged at 0.25c USD per page. Non-toll-free numeric pages outside the US will be charged at $1.00 per page. SMS messages are 0.10c USD per message. These charges will accrue and will be billed at the beginning of the following month.

  • Discounted pricing applies to each device monitored. For example, if you have 25 devices being monitored, each device will be billed at $17.56.

  • bills accounts for the maximum number of simultaneously monitored devices during each monthly service period. Important Note: PingALink llc will appear on your invoices and charge statements. PingALink llc is the corporate owner of the service and brand.

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