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Because our automated systems require little maintenance support, our support team focuses on diagnosing client problems discovered by Because there are a number of complex processes happening on your web servers and devices, we try to help you understand the alert messages you are receiving if the need arises.
Subscribers may use this form, or preferably the support form located in the Control Center.

General Information LLC has been monitoring since 2001.
We are located in the heart of downtown New York City, New York.

Billing Address

PingALink LLC
249 East 10th St Suite 11a
New York, NY 10009

Toll Free: 1-866-593-2662
Local & International: 1-212-537-6598
Fax: 1-212-202-5404

Billing/Account Questions?
Please make sure to include your account number in your e-mail, if possible. If you are looking for invoices or information regarding invoices, please login to your account and go the Accounts section. There you will find your current invoice, as well as historical invoices.

Sales Questions?
Do you have special needs? Ask us how we can help you.

Please use the form at right, or log into your Control Center.

Looking for a job?
Do you have what we need? Send us your resume.

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